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Chevrolet Epica Service Packages

Car Service
Chevrolet Epica Service
Car Repair
Chevrolet Epica Repair
Roadside Assistance
Chevrolet Epica Assistance
Service Contract
Chevrolet Epica Service Contracts
Car Detailing
Chevrolet Epica Detailing
Car Renewal
Chevrolet Epica Renewal


Chevrolet Epica Service Packages

The Chevrolet Epica is a vehicle with global recognition and one of the best models from the well-known brand Chevrolet. If you own the Chevrolet Epica in any of its versions, you probably know that finding a reliable Chevrolet mechanic in Dubai is not easy at all.

At Star Auto Service, we pride ourselves on servicing all types of cars one of them is Chevrolet Epica in Dubai. Our decades of combined experience and equipment make us the perfect fit for ongoing maintenance of your Chevrolet Epica, as well as any repairs if needed. From oil replacement to detailing, polishing, battery and tyre replacement, and overall inspection, we are here to give your car the treatment it deserves.

Our team is known for their attention to detail – the mechanics at Star Auto Service can repair your Chevrolet Epica in Dubai and do everything to gain your maximum satisfaction. Owning a Chevrolet Epica is a true privilege, and servicing a model like this is a unique responsibility that we are proud to offer.

As a trusted Chevrolet car repair station in Dubai, we offer plenty of different service options. With one look at your Chevrolet Epica, we will be able to understand what needs to be inspected and how to get it in its best shape possible.

  • Chevrolet Epica Oil Change
  • Chevrolet Epica Detailing
  • Chevrolet Epica Polishing
  • Chevrolet Epica Inspection
  • Chevrolet Epica Tyre Replacement
  • Chevrolet Epica Battery Change
  • Chevrolet Epica Windshield and Glass Replacement
  • Chevrolet Epica Window Tinting
  • Chevrolet Epica Scratch and Dent Repair
  • Chevrolet Epica Paint Repair
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Services Include

Our Chevrolet Epica Services Include

Car AC Service
Chevrolet Epica AC Repair
  • AC Diagnostics and Leak Test
  • AC Gas Refill
  • AC Compressor Repair
  • Full AC System Flushing Service
Car Oil Change Service
Chevrolet Epica Oil Change
  • Premium Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Oil Flushing
  • 360-Degree Health Check
Car Transmission Repair Service
Chevrolet Epica Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Inspection
  • Transmission Programming
  • Transmission Oil Filter Services
  • Gearbox Overhauling Services
Car Battery Replacement
Chevrolet Epica Battery Replacement
  • Computerised Battery Tests
  • Chevrolet Epica Battery Services
  • Battery Cable Tests
  • Comprehensive Electrical Check
Car Scaning
Chevrolet Epica Scanning and Diagnostics
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Gearbox Diagnostics
  • Advanced Diagnostics Software
  • State-of-the-art Scanning Facilities
Car Engine Service
Chevrolet Epica Engine Repair
  • Engine Tuning
  • Engine Detailing
  • Engine Diagnosis
  • Complete Engine Overhaul
Car Flat Battery Service
Chevrolet Epica Flat Battery
  • Car Battery Jumpstart
  • Car Battery Replacement
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Mobile Flat Battery Jumpstart
Car Maintenance
Chevrolet Epica Car Maintenance
  • General Car Maintenance
  • Basic, Full, and Major Service Packages
  • Auto Mechanical and Electrical Repairs
  • Fuel Injection and Cleaning Services

Why choose our Chevrolet Epica service in Dubai?

We are here to service your Chevrolet and fix any electrical or mechanical issue in the shortest amount of time possible. We will make sure your car gets back to you in optimal health and is fully repaired.

Choose our Chevrolet car service station in Dubai for ongoing maintenance, oil change, filter replacement, electronics inspection, or complex repairs on your Chevrolet Epica. Just leave your car with us and know that we will always do our best to keep it in top condition.

How much does a Chevrolet Epica service in Dubai cost?

The price of a Chevrolet Epica repair in Dubai depends on your needs. Some of the issues we have experienced with these models include heating and cooling system repairs, check engine light problems, as well as issues with the electrical components, battery, cables, and alternator.

Our team of mechanics works hard to ensure that your Chevrolet Epica gets all the fluids it needs, along with oil, filters, engine, or transmission fluid. We have different packages for preventative maintenance and offer coverage for all Chevrolet Epica models. Our sophisticated tools and equipment allow diagnosing all potential problems that your Chevrolet has.

Feel free to check out our Chevrolet Epica service packages – we are here to accommodate all of your needs. You can choose from a Basic, Full, or Major Service and find the right type of service needed for your car. We offer competitive rates, which makes us the top choice for Chevrolet Epica service in Dubai.

Where do I find the best Chevrolet Epica service near me?

The answer is – at Star Auto Service. We are here to make your problems disappear and give your Chevrolet Epica the care it needs. We will maintain your car’s safety and do our best to keep it running at peak performance levels. We are the best choice you can make for all of your service/repair needs.

Our mechanics will follow a thorough list with more than 50 points on your Chevrolet, resolving potentially costly repairs and making sure your car is in top condition.



Basic maintenance is needed so that your Chevrolet Epica runs at its peak performance. At Star Auto Service, our highly trained mechanics are here to provide all the regular maintenance that is necessary to keep your vehicle in top condition.

This includes oil and filter changes – just like other vehicles, your Chevrolet needs fresh oil and new filters periodically. Oil lubricates the engine and plays a supplemental role in cooling it down, which is of utmost importance to a model like the Chevrolet Epica.

In addition to that, we will give you the best tyre care and inspect your tyres to see whether they are worn out. Hard driving and cornering usually take their toll, and we are here to keep your tyres in good condition through regular rotations, balancing, wheel alignment, tread depth measurements, pressure checks, and a lot more.

Every car needs service to run properly. Our options in Chevrolet Epica service and repair for Dubai drivers include the most recommended things for the best performance of your vehicle. For instance, Chevrolet Epica drivers put a lot of pressure on their brakes, and the condition of brakes is a critical consideration for a car like the Chevrolet Epica. If you want to get uncompromising performance whenever you press the brake pedal, you need regular brake service.

Similarly, your Chevrolet Epica transmission uses fluid to lubricate and cool. Over time, this fluid accumulates debris and starts breaking down. We follow a specific Chevrolet service schedule in Dubai to keep your transmission fluid in top condition, providing a smooth and powerful shifting, whether it’s the road or the track.

Once you book your Chevrolet Epica service in Dubai, you will receive a confirmation. On the day of your service, an agent will arrive at the collection point you have specified to check your car for any damage. They will prepare a damage report and take the car to the garage for a complete inspection and health check.

If we detect any problems during the inspection, we will quote you for them, as well as any additional labor work during repairs. However, we won’t charge for anything without your approval – our advisors will contact you to see if the quote and repair are okay to proceed and get your confirmation. After you confirm, we will carry out the service and any additional repairs on your Chevrolet Epica. If you decline, we will only conduct the service requested by you.

Once you complete the payment, we will proceed with our Chevrolet Epica service and deliver the car as soon as we finish. We will include a full delivery report with the things that were repaired, as well as an additional damage report showing you that your car looks identical to before. We can send the invoice to you via SMS, email, or WhatsApp.

No. Parts are not included in the online service packages. We use OEM and aftermarket parts (genuine ones listed at competitive rates) and will let you choose your own parts on request. The Chevrolet Epica service prices listed online cover labor costs only. However, you can supply your own parts if you want, or buy parts from us. Our advisors will show you the prices for parts and labor if we detect any problems with your vehicle.

To book your Chevrolet Epica service in Dubai, determine which packages you are choosing (Basic, Full, or Major service) and use the website or call us on 800 840.

If you need anything else or want to get answers to your questions, feel free to contact us at 800 840.

Yes. We will be happy to wash your Chevrolet Epica and make sure your interior and exterior are spotless. Our car wash is included in every service package you select.

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