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Independent Car Engine Repair & Service Workshop Dubai. Experienced Professional Technicians. We Work on All Cars Make & Models. Talk to Experts 04 546 2788

We have Professional & Experienced Technician to do Car Repairs

Specialized In Exotic, American, German & Italian Cars.
  • Car Repair
  • Car Repair Dubai
  • Car Repair & Service
  • Car Transmission Repair
  • Car Engine Repair
  • Car Suspension Repair
  • Car Gearbox Repair
  • Car AC Repair
  • Car Major Repair
  • Car Minor Repair
  • Car Modules Repair
  • Car Jerking Repair
  • Car Shifting Repair
  • New Car Repair
  • Used Car Repair
  • Car Misfire Repair
  • Car Oil Change Repair
  • Car Transmission Slipping Repair
  • Car Transmission Leaking Repair
  • Car General Repair


Get your car repaired by highly trained and professional mechanics at Star Auto. We only use the latest techniques and equipment to provide you with the best car service and repair.

Taking care of car repair and maintenance with modern technology is what Star Auto does best. The automotive repair and maintenance services provided by Star Auto are among the best in the UAE. We offer the most competitive car service and repair quotes all across the UAE at the lowest prices possible. Also, our repair options are diverse, so you can select the option that works best for you.

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You can count on Star Auto for any automotive need. Our professional, experienced staff will be able to assist you with everything from car service to repair.

We work meticulously to fix your car’s mechanical issues and pay close attention to the problematic parts. Apart from our state-of-the-art equipment, our highly-trained mechanics can handle the most challenging brake system issues, engine problems, transmission issues, and suspension problems.

  • Minor Car Service: The best way to prevent costly parts from being replaced prematurely is to keep your vehicle well maintained with Minor Car services from Star Auto. Our services help extend your car’s life and prevent wear, failure, and damage. Our world-class garage’s diagnostic equipment and tools provide our mechanics with the capability to resolve.
  • Major Car Service: Major services improve an engine’s performance and extend its life in a similar way to minor services. In our Major car service, all component parts will be inspected thoroughly and engine oil and filter are also changed. Our major services also include engine belt change, brake disc change, etc.
  • AC Repair: Air conditioning is an essential need for car owners in the modern world, and through our AC repair services in Dubai, we are able to fulfill our customers’ needs. Star Auto provides the best AC repair service in Dubai. We provide our AC repair service at the most affordable price in Dubai.
  • Battery Service: The satisfaction of being able to control a smooth, well-run vehicle instantly is unbeatable for many car enthusiasts. For the best performance, a battery must be well maintained, which is why Star Auto offers the best battery services in Dubai. We provide the best automotive batteries of the highest quality at the best price.
  • Electric Faults Repair:You may need to have your electrical system inspected if your headlights flicker or if your windows have trouble rolling up and down. Our expert mechanics at Star Auto successfully diagnose problems and are equipped with the knowledge and facility to identify and fix all electrical and electronic needs of your car.
  • Engine repairs and services: By maintaining your car with engine repair and timely service with StartAuto you are ensured that your engine stays healthy. For a precise diagnosis of your car’s engine, we use the most advanced diagnostic equipment. We have been providing engine repair and services by our skilled technicians for many years. StartAuto offers the best pricing in Dubai.
  • Brake services: To ensure that you drive safely make sure to have your car brakes serviced with Star Auto. We also make sure to maintain brake efficiency and to test them in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. We inspect the pads, shoes, rotors, etc very carefully when we service the brakes because they suffer wear and tear every time we apply the brakes.
  • Suspension Repair: It is vital to keep car suspension in top condition in order to enjoy a flawless, smooth, and exceptional drive. Star Auto provides high-end vehicle suspension repairs in Dubai. Also, we are specialized in suspension repair for all brands and models of cars at our Service Center in Dubai.
  • Steering Repair: Star Auto is the right place to find Quality Steering Repair In Dubai. We are dedicated to earning your trust and committed to your satisfaction. We put more emphasis on your safety on the road. Our trained mechanics are able to service your vehicle effectively. Your vehicle steering will be inspected and repaired by our technician.
  • Wheel Balancing: Daily drives will definitely wear out the rubber on your rubber tires. Your tires become unbalanced over time because of this daily wear and tear. Here at Star Auto, we love to help you get your unbalanced tires fixed as quickly as possible. Our state-of-the-art balancing equipment for tires assures you of precise and accurate wheel balancing services in Dubai.
  • Wheel Alignment: Adjusting the wheel alignment of your vehicle will improve fuel economy, provide proper road contact, enhance ride comfort, and extend the life of your tires. In order to ensure proper wheel alignment technicians align your wheels to the manufacturer’s specifications and reset them as needed which in turn will boost the vehicle’s performance.
  • Puncture Repairs: If you want to get your car tires repaired, whether, at home or office, our team will be able to install your tires as convenient for you. A puncture or flat tire will be corrected or replaced with an appropriate fix or further instructions will be provided according to the situation. A mass number of commuters have relied on Star Auto for reliable and trusted service.

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When it comes to car repair and service our goal is to provide the best service at an affordable price. Our skilled technicians can handle any problem with your vehicle regardless of its type or issue.

Don’t have time to bring your shop to the garage for repair? If yes, then you can use our mobile mechanics in Dubai where we provide you with hassle-free car repair and service. And, you don’t have to worry about your car because we:

  • Offer a one-stop shop for all your automotive needs.
  • Deliver high-quality products and services.
  • Providing access to experts around the world with high-level car repair training and service experience.
  • Use the latest generation tools and technology for every car need.
  • Perform all tasks with excellent quality.
  • Offer fair and affordable service and repair with speed and efficiency.


We are here to help you find and fix the issue before you buy any car. Call 04 546 2788 Complete Range Of Periodic Car Service. We Also Provide Cost-Effective Car Service Contracts. Call Our Service Advisor For Booking And More Details.