You don’t need to be a professional Dubai mechanic to own a car, but it’s always good to know some car maintenance basics and maximize the life and performance of your vehicle. In today’s blog, we are showing you a list of items that you should check depending on the time and season, as well as some of the most common reasons why people choose our premium car service in Dubai at StarAuto.

Short-term check-ups

Here is a list of some of the short-term check-ups you should consider when visiting an independent car garage in Dubai.

  • Oil and coolant levels: Checking your oil and coolant levels is recommended every month, especially before any long road trips.
  • Air filter maintenance: The engine’s air filter is what regulates the air flowing into the engine, and what keeps debris and particulate items.
  • Tyre pressure and tread depth: Well-maintained tyres are the optimal thing leading to a safe and fuel-efficient ride.
  • Tyre rotation: Rotating the tyres ensures proper tread wear on every tyre, extending their service life.
  • Headlights, turn signals, brake, and parking lights: Check all of your lights once a month to see if everything is working right.
  • Detailed car wash: A detailed car wash is a great way to maintain your vehicle.

Long-term check-ups

Now, let’s list some of the things you should check and inspect in the longer term, to prevent issues and costly repairs.

  • Oil and filter replacement: On average, replacing your oil and filters should be done once per year.
  • Transmission fluid: Your vehicle’s transmission fluid is much like the oil in the engine – changing it ensures proper lubrication.
  • Shocks & struts inspection: Shocks and struts control the impact as your vehicle passes over bumps, which is why they are essential to the steering and suspension system.
  • Coolant fluid exchange: Check your owner manual to find out how often your coolant should be exchanged.
  • Spark plugs: Spark plugs are what ignite gas and air mixture.
  • Serpentine belt: The serpentine belt is essential to keeping the car running, which is why you need to replace it if it shows any signs of damage.
  • Front/rear differential: Have a professional check and change the fluid in your front and rear differentials.

Besides the short-term and long-term checks, there are also some seasonal checks which include changing your tyres, replacing your windshield wipers (recommended once per year), as well as inspecting your battery to see its health. All of this can be done at StarAuto – your go-to car workshop in Dubai, where our team of experts can help you with all car maintenance needs. We can even give you the best deals on tyres for your vehicle and show you why so many people think we are the best car repair and service in Dubai.