Having an automatic transmission is enjoyable and convenient, especially when roaming through city traffic and (occasionally) ending up in a traffic jam. However, there are things you need to know in order to keep your gearbox in tip-top shape.

Most of the vehicles we see in Dubai are equipped with automatic transmissions – drivers choose them because of the convenience they bring. However, that doesn’t mean that these gearboxes are completely automatic when it comes to care and maintenance. In fact, this type of transmission has complex repair, which tends to be quite expensive as well.

The main source of damage to automatic gearboxes is overheating. At high temperatures, the automatic transmission may lose its lubricating qualities and become oxidized, leaving deposits all over and inside the transmission. The metal parts will warp and lose their strength, which sooner or later, may result in transmission failure.

So, how do you care and maintain your automatic transmission, preventing defects down the road?

Watch Out For Any Leaks

Check for any leaks under your car. Do this occasionally to make sure that everything is OK with it. If you notice some leakage, we recommend coming to our garage or consulting a professionally trained technician. Keep in mind that there are many types of leakage, which is why you need a professional to diagnose the problem.

Consider Changing Your Transmission Fluid

If you haven’t done it in a while, it may be good to change your transmission fluid. The best thing to know whether you need this change is by checking the condition and level of your current fluid on a regular basis. If you are unsure of how to do that, read about it in your car owner’s manual – transmission fluid should be more of a red color than a dirty brown. Also, having it replaced is recommended every 10,000 kilometers or so.

Overdrive Is There For A Reason

Cars packed with automatic transmissions have an overdrive function (which is the highest gear) in place. Under normal circumstances, your car will automatically select this gear. However, if that is not your case, you should know that overdrive should be used to lower the engine’s revs per minute (RPM) at high speeds, preventing wear and tear and any potential problems. In some models, the overdrive feature needs to be turned on or off manually, so make sure yours is on.

Shift Between Gears Smoothly

Lastly, shifting between gears is something you should do smoothly when driving an automatic. You should never shift to the “Reverse” or “Park” until your car comes to a complete stop. Also, make sure you fully depress the brake pedal when shifting from “Park” to any other gear.

We hope these tips were helpful for you and your automatic transmission. If you have any problems with it or want to schedule your next service at Star Auto, call us at 800 840 or use the button at the top of this page to book your appointment.