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Car Sunroof Repair


Sunroof Repair - Quick & Reliable Services. With Technicians Specialized In
Sunroof For Over 5 Years, We Perform This Delicate Work With Precision And
Delicacy To Gain The Trust Of Our Customer And Ensure Our Best Quality.


Independent Car Engine Repair & Service Workshop Dubai. Experienced Professional Technicians. We Work on All Cars Make & Models. Talk to Experts 04 546 2788

We have Professional & Experienced Technician to Solve your Transmission Problems

Specialized In Sunroof Repair, Service, and Programming For Exotic, American, German & Italian Cars.
  • Car Sun Roof liner Repair & Replacement
  • Leather Seats Repair & Custom Design Making
  • Fabric Seats Repair & Custom Design Making
  • Conversions From Fabric To Leather Interior
  • Window Curtains Repair & Replacement
  • Seat Channels And Rails Repair & Replacement
  • Steering Covers Custom Designs
  • Dashboard Repair & Painting
  • Car Roof Mirror Change
  • Dashboard Leather Repair & Replacement
  • Gear Box Knob Cover Repair / Replacement
  • Door Leather Repair / Replacement
  • Door Fabric Repair / Replacement
  • Floor Carpet Repair / Replacement
  • Floor Mats Repair / Replacement
  • Floor Safety Mats Repair / Replacement
  • Car Sunroof Programming
  • Car Sunroof Change
  • Car Hood Top Replacement
  • Car Roof Repairing


We are here to help you find and fix the issue before you buy any car. Call 04 546 2788 Complete Range Of Periodic Car Service. We Also Provide Cost-Effective Car Service Contracts. Call Our Service Advisor For Booking And More Details.