After years of use and abuse, your car’s engine deteriorates. That is understandable, knowing that it is the key part in every vehicle and a system that converts energy into useful mechanical motion. This amazing machine is also what keeps the vehicle moving, and although reliable at most times, it is still susceptible to damage and breakdown. In such cases, a car engine repair in Dubai might be the first thing to consider.

If you recently noticed problems with your engine and need a new car engine in Dubai or an engine repair and service, StarAuto is here for your needs. We take pride in being unlike many auto service shops in Dubai – our team is honest, friendly, and experienced, and our shop is clean, organized, and comfortable. We know how important it is to shop for the most affordable car engine repair and workshop in Dubai, and are here to go above and beyond to earn your trust.

Car Engine Repair Cost: A Smarter Option Than Buying A New Car?

Investing in a new car is a big and costly decision, especially considering the increased prices of new vehicles lately. That is why our specialists always recommend seeing what can be done to your vehicle and whether your engine can be restored. Regardless of your car engine replacement needs, StarAuto has experienced professionals that are ready to assist you.

The cost-effectiveness of replacing an engine makes us one of the most trusted choices in the Dubai area. We also include an industry-leading warranty on all of our engine repair and replacement services – our mechanics offer warranties depending on the specific service that you have chosen.

Our Dubai engine repair and replacement center are certified, and our professionals are qualified to work on all types of vehicles. We pride ourselves on having decades of combined experience in the industry and are here to handle your brake repair, oil changes, and any general maintenance needs on your car.

So, what do you do when your engine is overheating and you are left without many choices? The answer is below.

Visit Our Car Engine Repair Center In Dubai

If you are looking for an affordable car engine repair service in Dubai, you are on the right page. Our expert services are here for you whether you have a late model import or a new domestic vehicle. We stand behind the work we perform and will ensure you get a transparent car engine repair cost and pricing.

We are not only here for your car engine repair in Dubai – our team can also give you proper engine maintenance and ensure that it is the only way to keep your engine in top condition. Still, car engines are not meant to last forever, which is why you need a car engine repair and service center like ours.

Our Mechanics Care For Cars & The Local Community

In addition to providing a quality auto repair service in Dubai, our mechanics care for the community. We use our business to serve the local community in ways that extend beyond auto repair. Our customers come from all over the UAE, including cities like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Awdarh, Al Ain, Al Fahlayn, etc.

We are also here to pick up your vehicle and drop it off at any location of your choice. Our mechanics work fast and know how important it is for you to get back on the road safely. Working with us will show you how appreciated you are, and you will instantly see how much you can save on your car – and get quality engine repair or at least a chance to properly maintain your car.

Car Engine Service

Heavy Duty Services Such As Engine Overhaul And Replacement

StarAuto is a respected local business in the Dubai, UAE area that has a strong customer base. Because we guarantee the work we perform, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality engine overhaul or engine replacement services in the Dubai area.

Our heavy-duty services include cylinder block repair, cylinder head repair and replacement, engine maintenance, engine repair and rebuild, timing belt replacement, transmission flush and maintenance, transmission repair and rebuild, complete transmission replacement, and a full engine replacement. You can read more about these services in the parts below.

Your Engine Won’t Start? Choose Our Car Engine Diagnostics Service

There are so many reasons why a car engine won’t start, and the single true answer to all of them is a reliable car engine diagnostic service. As true engine diagnostic experts, we pride ourselves on providing a number of advanced tests as part of our car engine diagnostics service in Dubai. If you are noticing any of these:

  • The engine won’t start
  • Engine cranking but not starting
  • Engine oil leak
  • Car misfire
  • Car engine vibration
  • Car engine failure
  • Car engine leakage
  • Car engine malfunction
  • Weird car engine noise
  • Engine starter motor problems
  • Engine sensor problems
  • Car engine sound problem

It’s definitely time for a full car engine diagnostics service. Doing this on time will prevent you from spending more money down the line, giving you the exact cause of the problem along with a plan to fix it.

Many drivers search for a car scanning and diagnostics service in Dubai when they notice problems with their vehicles. With us, you can get an engine diagnostic as part of every routine maintenance, which is also recommended to keep your vehicle free of any problems in the future.

When Do You Need A Car Engine Replacement?

Engine overhaul and replacement are one of the heavy-duty services that we provide at StarAuto. For big jobs like these, our rebuild specialists in Dubai will properly assess the situation and give you a quote on the job with a guarantee on the work performed. You can rest assured that by choosing us, you are receiving the highest quality engine overhaul and replacement service in Dubai, UAE, from a trusted and respected car engine repair and service center.

Whether it’s a cylinder block failure, problems with your car’s cylinder head, or a problem that cannot be repaired, our auto repair engine replacement service will always look after your needs and come up with the best solution. We also perform engine cap replacement, and engine coil replacement, and are the top-rated auto engine rebuilders in the local Dubai area.

If you see problems such as engine cranking but not starting, notice an engine oil leak, car misfire, or spot weird car engine noise, it’s time to call us. While engine replacement may be your last resort, it is always an option to consider and an extra reason why you need immediate engine diagnostics in Dubai.

Auto Repair Engine Replacement Specialists In Dubai, UAE

An auto engine repair or a full engine replacement is a big job that needs professional attention. But do you really know how to figure out what’s wrong with your automobile? If you have no idea where to begin, we suggest you take your vehicle to our Dubai service and repair center.

The first thing we will check is whether your engine is cranking or not. If you know this, we will proceed to the next step, but anyways check it and hear the sound of the starter when turning the ignition. If your engine is not cranking, we’ll make sure that your battery is charged and that it is in working order. Once that is checked, we’ll examine your electrics, wires, and the starter. There are so many additional tests that our experienced mechanics at StarAuto will carry out before finding the exact cause of your problem.

If you are facing a really faulty engine and there are multiple things to repair, we will offer you a full auto engine replacement in Dubai, UAE, or a full engine rebuild. Depending on your vehicle model and the parts needed for a repair, you will get a full estimate and be able to make a well-informed decision backed by a full engine diagnostic.

Car Engine Repair in Dubai

Your Go-To Car Engine Repair & Rebuild Professionals in Dubai

You probably know how cheaper it is to own any vehicle over its service life when investing in preventive scheduled maintenance. Our engine maintenance in Dubai undergoes a full checklist, where we emphasize and specialize in each specific feature as means of prolonging vehicle life for our customers. In other words, we will give you total peace of mind knowing that your car is in the best condition possible when you take it to the road.

Engine Fuel Pump Services In Dubai

The fuel pump is what supplies pressured gasoline to each of the fuel injections in your car engine. It is powered by an electric motor and is located in the vehicle’s gas tank. A high-quality fuel pump lasts long, but any pump may eventually degrade and fail. Some of the common signs of this are the check engine light being on, a car that is not starting, or a whirring noise from your fuel tank.

If your pump fails to produce adequate pressure or quits operating, it needs replacement. Our engine fuel pump services in Dubai are the best place to start, and often the most affordable option for your needs.

Car Engine Oil Leakage Repair Service In Dubai, UAE

A car that s leaking oil when parked is most commonly a signal that your engine gaskets or oil seals are degraded. Sometimes, these components erode over time, and if you are spotting this kind of leak, it is because you haven’t had an oil change recently enough.

Our car engine oil leakage and repair service in Dubai will examine your oil gaskets and panda, replace them, and spot any incorrect installations. We’ll go through your rings and valve seals, too, and do what’s recommended to fix your oil leak and prevent it from showing again in the future.

Noticing Overheating Or Car Engine Failure? Call Us!

Engines can overheat for many reasons, but in general, it is because something is wrong with the cooling system, preventing heat from escaping the engine compartment. If you are looking for the best auto repair service for overheating engine in Dubai, you are in the right place.

The common signs of an overheating engine include:

  • Steam, which looks like smoke, that is coming from under your car hood
  • An engine temperature gauge that is spinning to “H” (meaning high) or going into the red
  • A strange smell that’s coming from your engine area (for instance, a leaking coolant can smell sweet, while leaking oil might smell like something burnt)

Is our car engine overheating in Dubai – or you are spotting a serious car engine failure? Before you do anything, turn off your air conditioning and crank the heat. Find a safe place to pull over and call StarAuto. Our mechanics will arrive at your location in no time. Whatever you decide, don’t panic, don’t open the hood immediately, and don’t keep driving!

Our mechanics at StarAuto will inspect everything related to an overheating engine – we will examine your potential cooling system leaks, faulty radiator fans, broken water pumps, or clogged coolant hoses. Regardless of the source of the problem, an overheating engine is not something you will want to let linger on – it is a serious issue that needs immediate attention.

Car Engine Repair Shop

What Is The Total Car Engine Rebuild Cost?

The total cost of a car engine rebuild obviously depends on the car’s make and model. One of the good things to know is that at StarAuto, you can immediately contact us and get a full quote on your engine repair or replacement needs in Dubai.

While having the engine repaired is certainly a big and expensive decision to make, we will do our best to show you the most affordable ways we can fix your problem. If that is not something you are interested in, you can always ask us for a quote for a full engine replacement based on the problem you are experiencing.

For more information on our engine repair, engine replacement, and preventative engine maintenance services, contact us today!