If you own a Lexus in Dubai, you probably know that you are the owner of a high-quality vehicle. Dependable, comfortable, and with a smooth drive, Lexus cars are better than many others in the market. As such, your Lexus vehicle also deserves the proper care and attention from professional mechanics, whether you are coming to us for your Lexus repair, maintenance, or regular Lexus service in Dubai, UAE.

Owning a Lexus gives you great fuel economy, sharp handling, and great prices, especially if you are considering a hybrid vehicle. The brand consistently designs innovative vehicle systems that are long-lasting – they were the first to make a prestigious luxury hybrid, as well as an 8-speed automatic transmission. Lexus was also the first to make LED low-beam headlamps and the finest pedestrian-detection system on the market, which is how it got plenty of customers and positioned itself as a trustworthy luxury brand.

When you purchase a Lexus, you are investing in a top-of-the-line driving experience. At StarAuto, we are here to ensure that you enjoy a carefree Lexus ownership in Dubai. Our factory-trained and experienced mechanics understand your vehicle inside and out. We are here for your regular Lexus maintenance in UAE and things like Lexus oil changes and tyre rotations, but also any of the potentially complicated Lexus repair needs. Below, we are expanding into more details about our Lexus service center and what you can expect to get from us.

Best Lexus Garage In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Plenty of drivers in the UAE searching for the best “Lexus repair near me” on Google have arrived at our location when looking for all of their service and repair needs. Once they trusted us, they have never gone back to the dealership for repairs or service on their Lexus cars. The reason behind that is simple – every one of our staff members in our Lexus Dubai service center strives to ensure that your Lexus service is coupled with the personal touch that you won’t find anywhere else.

Looking For ‘Lexus Repair Near Me?

From Lexus tyre service and oil changes near Dubai and Abu Dhabi to exclusive service specials and genuine parts, our team is here to cover your automotive needs. Some of our main Lexus car services include the following:

  • Lexus oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Fluid checks
  • Lexus brake replacements
  • Lexus battery replacements
  • Lexus AC service
  • Lexus paint garage
  • Official Lexus parts in Dubai
  • And more!

Lexus Car Full Service

Best Lexus Workshop: Abu Dhabi & Dubai

We want every Lexus owner to be treated equally and see why we are among the leading car repair centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With us, you can get your routine Lexus service handled with care but also be offered ways to extend the life of your vehicle. If you drive a newer Lexus, you obviously want to take it to someone with the skills to care for it in specific ways and maintain its reliability while preserving its safety on the road.

From basic servicing to complex repairs, we are the best Lexus workshop in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We guarantee excellence when it comes to servicing your Japanese-made vehicle. Dealer-trained and ASE-certified, our technicians are your best chance for regular service, maintenance, and Lexus repair in Dubai. There are many reasons to choose us, but at the core, you will get friendly service at the fraction of the cost at other dealerships. We also stand behind our work and will provide every customer with an exclusive warranty on all of our work.

Full-Service Lexus Auto Maintenance

At Star Auto, we provide full preventative maintenance services for your Lexus vehicle. We know how important this is and how it can save you big on time and money over the lifespan of your vehicle. Our experienced auto maintenance specialists are here for you to provide you with the best Lexus repair in Dubai and preventative maintenance services for predictable care.

Our attention to detail and quality work is what allow us to anticipate challenges down the road. We recommend taking your Lexus in for service at regular intervals as stated in your owner’s manual. When you bring your car to us for your regular Lexus service in Dubai, we will inspect its parts but also do regular maintenance and take care of all the following aspects:

  • 30K, 60K, 90K, etc maintenance
  • A/C service
  • Brakes (rotor machining and pads with factory parts)
  • Check engine lights
  • Cooling/heating systems
  • Diagnostic safety inspections
  • Electrical
  • Engine care
  • Suspension and alignment
  • Tire balancing
  • Transmission
  • Tune-ups

At Star Auto, we are a specialized Lexus mechanic and have state-of-the-art equipment for fast and efficient services. This enables us to keep our costs lower and pass along the savings to you, our valued customers. We always promise to make your experience with us a great one because we want you back in our Lexus workshop in Dubai.

Your Go-To Lexus Repair Center

Choosing the right Lexus repair center in Dubai can be difficult, mostly because you don’t know how every Lexus workshop treats its customers. At Star Auto, we are lucky to have skilled technicians who are friendly and knowledgeable. If you are coming in for Lexus repair in UAE, we will first conduct a thorough diagnosis of your Japanese-made vehicle, based on which we will determine the exact repairs your Lexus may need.

You should not worry about a thing – our Lexus repair center in Dubai can service any make and model of any Lexus vehicle. We stay up to date on the latest technologies to repair and maintain all Japanese-made vehicles. All of our maintenance and repair services are available at affordable prices. You can always expect realistic estimates of repair times and costs.

If you got your vehicle through a Lexus car customizer but don’t know much about the needed Lexus service on scheduled intervals or the proper maintenance, we are here to help you. We will know the status of your vehicle at all times and know what needs to be replaced or repaired before it’s too late. Our team utilizes the latest technology to keep your vehicle up to date and in perfect condition. We are always transparent when it comes to prices – you will know how much you are going to be charged, whether you are relying on us for a Lexus suspension repair or simple scheduled maintenance.

Lexus Interior Service

Your Trusted Dubai Lexus Mechanic & What To Expect From Us

As your most trusted Lexus repair and service center in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we know some of the most common reasons why drivers come to us. Some of the common Lexus problems include oil leaks, water leaking into the cabin, brake issues, clunking and clicking noises in the brake and rear of the vehicle, malfunction of the electronics, navigation errors, A/C issues, and so on.

Rest assured that we can help you with any and all of these problems. As your best Lexus mechanic in Dubai, we have the ability to perform any auto repair and service on your Lexus vehicle that a Lexus dealership would – using the highest quality parts and providing a warranty on any service or repair. Below, we are listing some of the things you can expect from us.

We Are An Independent Lexus Repair & Service Center In Dubai

Plenty of drivers looking for an honest Lexus repair facility that really knows your vehicle choose to rely on us as their top Lexus mechanic. We specialize in customer service and know what it takes to take care of your and your vehicle’s needs. If you are tired of paying astronomical prices and waiting for days for your Lexus dealership to get back to you while feeling hopeless, we are the solution you need. Our Lexus repair shop in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will always treat you with respect.

We Are The Best Lexus Service Garage For Many Dubai Residents

We know how Lexus vehicles operate and know every part from inside and out. As such, we are able to repair or service your Lexus correctly the first time in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other location you are coming from. From oil service to Lexus A/C repair to car engine diagnostics, we are simply the best – with us, your Lexus will be serviced or repaired by a Master Technician. In fact, only the most qualified people will be working on your vehicle. If you are looking for a diagnosis on something like a Lexus check engine light issue and you are tired of visiting the dealership for those repairs, we are here for your needs.

We Are A Specialized Lexus Service Center In Dubai

Being a specialized Lexus service center in the UAE means that we fully understand the dynamics around Lexus vehicles and all of the technologies they operate. You may not have known, but every Lexus is a rolling computer network full of electronics. When an issue appears, it’s likely that some faulty electronics have caused it. Star Auto has the right diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art testing equipment to properly pinpoint the exact cause of your check engine light issue, ABS light, SRS light, airbag light, or even the tyre pressure light on your Lexus.

We Provide Lexus Service & Maintenance

Many shops claim to be able to repair Lexus vehicles in Dubai and fix all of your electronic problems. However, without the proper diagnostic tools, they can only communicate with the Engine Control Module and not the other modules. At Star Auto, we pride ourselves on being able to provide full Lexus service and maintenance, and properly test and repair anything, whether it’s an electronic failure on your Lexus sunroof, a Lexus engine issue, or a big scratch on your door that needs a body and paint job.

You Can Rely On Us For Lexus Suspension Repair In Dubai, Engine Diagnostics & More

Lexus is a luxury brand that needs the attention of skilled hands. If you are struggling with Lexus engine issues or need specialized Lexus suspension repair in the UAE, you can find all of that and more at Star Auto. We go out of our way to deliver the best Lexus service and will never try to sell you services and repairs that you don’t absolutely need. We care about you, your safety, and obviously, your Lexus.

Lexus Garage Dubai

Bring Your Vehicle To Our Lexus Service & Repair Center Today!

Now is the right time to book an appointment at Star Auto. Our professional Lexus mechanics and technicians are here for you. We are competent in handling any issue, whether it’s an advanced diagnostic or repair service for your Lexus. As the go-to Lexus service center for many drivers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we ensure a first-class experience for our customers. We only work with genuine and original Lexus car parts, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

In the end, what sets us apart from other Lexus dealerships in Dubai and other Lexus repair shops in Abu Dhabi is our top-notch mechanics and unparalleled customer service. With the support of our ASE-certified technicians, you can get the best care for your Lexus. Star Auto is the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology and experienced mechanics. We are here to perform the best Lexus repairs and services offered at dealerships that come at a fraction of the cost – and at a better value.

For more information on our Lexus services and a chance to book your repair or service appointment, contact us today!