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We Are Highly Professional Auto Body Technicians

  • Car Body Accident Repair & Service Center
  • Body Panel Repair, Service & Replacement
  • Car Frame Straightening & Alignment
  • Car Bumper Repair, Service & Replacement
  • Car Paint Color Repair, Service, Change & Replacement
  • Car Rust removal, repair and Service

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Our Detailing Service Includes

Interior Detailing Car Service Starauto

Interior Detailing:

  • Complete Cleaning of Seats, Carpets, Mats, Doors, Dash & Console.
  • Hot Water Extraction on All Carpet, Upholstery & Floor Mats.
  • Shampoo Upholstery, Carpet and Floor Mats.
  • Cleaning All Surfaces Using Compressed Air, Fine Brushes, Soft Cloths.
  • Cleaning of All Windows Inside and Outside and Remove Water Spots.
  • Clean & Condition Leather Interior.
  • Interior Stain Protection.
  • Hand Wash & Dry.
  • Interior Disinfection, Sanitisation.
Exterior Detailing Car Service Starauto

Exterior Detailing:

  • Hand Wash Exterior, Plus Complete Vacuum.
  • Cleaning All Windows Inside and Outside and Remove Water Spots.
  • Best Car Detailing Dubai.
  • Cleaning of Wheels and Tires, Apply Tire Shine.
  • Degrease Engine and Engine Bay Compartment.
  • Clean & Condition Leather Interior.
  • Clay Bar, Wax Exterior Paint.
  • Flex Machine Polish.
  • Exterior Detailing.


Our Body Shop Services

Car Wrap at StarAuto Dubai
  • Foiling Wrap Service in Dubai.
  • Automotive Body Wrap.
  • Wrap My Car in Dubai.
  • Premier Quality Car Wrapping.
  • Car Wrap | Paint Protection.
  • Wrapping Service in Dubai.
  • Premium High Quality Car Wrap.
  • Custom Car Wrapping.
Best Detailing Service in UAE
  • Professional Complete Car Detailing.
  • Interior & Exterior Detailing.
  • Engine Detailing.
  • Shampooing & High Quality Detailing.
  • High Quality Car Polishing.
  • Clean & Ceramic Coating.
  • Nano Protection.
  • Car Detailing & Polishing.
Best Car Workshop in Dubai
  • We Don’t Compromise on Quality.
  • Professional Auto Body Shop.
  • High Quality Accident Repair.
  • Small Parking Dents Repair.
  • Paint Less Dent Repair.
  • Smart Repair.
  • Interior Stain Protection.
  • Bumper, Fender & Other Parts Repair.
Car Roof Service in Dubai
  • Roof Lining Repair.
  • Headliner Repair.
  • Headliner Replacement.
  • Car Roof With Stars.
  • Headliner Instal.
  • Ambient Lightning.
  • Starlight Headliner Solutions in Dubai.
  • Star on Car Customs.