A lot of car owners in Dubai don’t consider brake service a priority until something goes wrong. Every time you hit the brake pedal, a complex network of parts goes into action. However, in order for this system to be running without a problem, certain pieces must be replaced at regular intervals.

Brake pad replacement is something that you will need at some point, which is why you need to know the warning signs that the time for this brake service has come. We are listing them below.

1. Squealing noises

Squealing noises are a common sign of brake repair. However, not many know that brake pads are manufactured with “wear indicators” which makes them emit that unpleasant screech sound when they are worn out.

When the brake pad wears down to a dangerous extent, the indicator scrapes against the rotor, which results in a distinctive grating noise warning the driver that their brake pads are in danger and need to be replaced.

2. Clicking noises

In some cars, the brake pads fit into a special holding device, while others keep them steady with clips, bolts, or pins. The common goal of these designs is to keep the brake pads from wobbling and show you when you are due for brake service. If they become loose, they will begin rattling, which results in the clicking sound when you push or release the brake pedal.

3. Car is taking more time to stop

Also known as “brake fade,” this problem is a direct result of intentionally applying brakes over a vast distance, without bringing the car to a full stop. If this is something you witness frequently, you need a car brake replacement or at least an inspection of your brake pads. After all, failure to stop immediately is something that impacts your safety on the road.

4. The nose of the car pulls to one side when braking

Brake pads do not always wear out at the exact same rate, which is why you might need partial brake repair or replacement on some brake pads only. If the brake pads on one side get thinner faster, your car may pull slightly to the left or right, once you hit the brakes. However, if you are witnessing pulling to one side, you should also know that the problem might also come from a different place and have it inspected.

5. The brake pedal vibrates when pressed

If your brake pedal violently shakes whenever you step on it, your brake pads might be the cause of this problem. These small parts are held together with a binding resin, and as they wear down, this adhesive gets hot and smeared across the rotor, creating this vibration. If you spot it, you should know it’s not something you should leave unchecked. Mechanics also refer to this as “glazing” and recommend immediate car brake replacement.

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