Accidents happen. When they do, it is important to be calm and know what to do in the future to prevent them. Also, to properly assess your accident and make the most out of your insurance premium. Anyways, safe driving is the most important aspect of this story.

Below, we are listing some of the most common car accidents along with the ways to prevent them.

1. Rear-End Collisions

Whether you are the one who hits a vehicle in front of you or someone hits you from behind, rear-end accidents can often be avoided by keeping your distance (especially in inclement weather) and driving strategically without thinking of sudden braking. Also, distractions like phones, food, or mirrors are common, so make sure to never take your eyes off the road.

2. Parked Car Damage

If you found your parked car damaged by another car, you should think about what you can do in the future to prevent that. Some of the best tips are to go the distance – for instance, avoid parking in the busiest part of a parking lot. Also, you should always park in the center of a spot. Doing that will maximize your space and help keep your car from being hit by others. If you can, park in a garage and avoid parking near busy intersections, tight turns, or driveways.

3. Single-Vehicle Accidents

From collisions with road barriers to animals and debris, there are many things you can do to prevent these accidents when the only victim (in most cases) is your damaged car. Experts suggest driving right for the weather – for instance, going at the speed limit in heavy rain and avoiding hydroplaning or flooded roads. Speeding is the main reason behind most single-vehicle accidents, so knowing how to control it will help you avoid one.

4. Windshield Damage

Chips and cracks on your windshield are another common accident – and another thing you can prevent. In most cases, windshield damage happens when rocks and stones are thrown up in the air by other vehicles. You can prevent this by keeping your distance from cars and trucks.

5. Crashes At Intersections

Intersections are common places where accidents occur. Distracted drivers are what cause most of them, especially when they miss traffic signals changing from green to yellow and red. To prevent these, you need to practice defensive driving and always take a moment after the light turns green to make sure no one is coming through the intersection. Look out for drivers speeding to make it through a yellow light when crossing a street, and don’t take chances when seeing a yellow light yourself.

There are many other common accidents that happen on and off the roads. As you could see, distractions are what cause most of them, which is still good because you can do something about it and help prevent collisions.

In the end, it’s not always possible to avoid the unexpected. If your car is in need of repair, our team at StarAuto is always here for you!