If you are new to the engine misfire issue, the best way to explain it is as a failure in the function of one of your engine cylinders. When a misfire occurs, the engine runs off-balance, creating a powerful vibration through the body of the car. You will know you need an engine misfire repair when the amount of power in the engine drops significantly, although determining the exact problem can be difficult.

Is there an engine misfire fix? The short answer is maybe, and the long answer is below. In a nutshell, it depends on the exact problem and the potential solutions, but in most cases, you will need car engine repair by a professional mechanic in Dubai. Now, let’s list the best way to handle a situation like this.

1. Identifying the engine misfire

  • Look for a flashing check engine light – check the car engine system to read the error code and scan it afterward.
  • Try to feel the strong vibration and determine if it happens in the engine bay (take note of what is happening and whether the car is shaking violently and often).
  • Listen for any sputtering, which is an indicator that one of the cylinders is misfiring.
  • Check to see if your fuel mileage is getting worse.

If all the signs from above indicate you have an engine misfire problem, continue reading to the next part where we talk about the best engine misfire fix.

2. Fixing air and fuel misfires

  • Detect the error codes to help narrow down the cause of your engine misfire – use a code scanner to see where the misfire occurred.
  • Find and seal any potential vacuum leaks – broken vacuum lines can cause fuel-injected motors to misfire, so look around the engine bay for any potential severed or damaged rubber lines.
  • Disconnect the fuel injectors (one at a time) and look for a change – if your engine starts running worse, reconnect it and move on to the next one.
  • Test your fuel system and see the pressure.
  • If the fuel injector is not working, replace it.

3. Addressing electrical/mechanical misfires

  • Inspect your spark plugs for signs of damage
  • Use a multimeter to test your coil pack
  • Do a compression test if all your air, fuel, and spark system are in order
  • Replace your head gasket if the nearby cylinders don’t have compression
  • Rebuild the bottom end of the engine if you spot a serious lack of compression

Fixing an engine misfire is a complicated task that is not recommended for anyone without any skill or knowledge in car mechanics. So, if you don’t want to deal with any of these and potentially create a bigger problem, book an appointment at StarAuto for the cheapest engine misfire repair and the best solution for your needs.